Digitalization does not stop at studios and practices. Today, there are already applications that have been created for more intensive treatment in a pleasant atmosphere and save time and effort to boot.

b-on-foot heralds the digital future: The hand and foot care devices come with smartphones. Thus, most of the device functions can be easily controlled with the b-on-foot app at the touch of a finder. Even when wearing gloves, the speed, spray quantity or suction power can be selected via graphic sliders. With a little dexterity, fine tuning is even more sensitive than before, and presets save valuable time. Anyone looking for help will find it in short instructions and videos directly in the app.

The magic of voice instructions

But the smartphone opens up yet another operating option with the Bonnie voice assistant, so that hands remain uninterrupted during treatment. The voice assistant listens to commands such as “light on,” “higher burr speed,” “more suction power” or “spray volume 3” and passes them on to the care device via Bluetooth. What was once considered magic now impresses visitors – and keeps smartphones like hand and foot care devices contactless hygienic.

Individual background music

Those who want to offer their guests background music for relaxation simply load their music library onto the smartphone. Individual music for regular customers is played via the built-in speakers of the b-on-foot cosmetic devices with spray or suction technology. Multitaskers can use their smartphone to make appointments, document treatment results in pictures and post messages. With b-on-foot, they have everything in one hand and the studio of the future under control.

Smart Studio

The b-on-foot chair, a treatment chair that can be comfortably adjusted in five axes, can be paired with the same smartphone. In addition to the wireless foot control, the professional treatment chair can be adjusted in height, backrest angle, leg rest angle and overall tilt via touch control. Softly upholstered and in fresh colors, it forms the centerpiece in any treatment room.

With b-on-foot, you have everything in one hand and the studio of the future under control.