More suction power? Higher milling cutter speed and more light? With b-on-foot air and b-on-foot aqua, you no longer need to interrupt treatment! With the Bonnie digital voice assistant, you simply control the professional milling machines with voice commands and adjust the speed and suction or spray volume continuously – unsurpassed hygiene!

Bonnie – the digital language assistant and the multifunctional operation

The b-on-foot air and b-on-foot aqua milling machines are supplied with a smartphone which is connected to the machine via a charging socket and Bluetooth. You can also integrate it into your WLAN. The b-on-foot app, which is available for free download in Google PlayStore, opens up two operating options: Voice control and multifunctional operation via the smartphone touch panel.

With the “Bonnie” digital voice assistant, you can control the professional b-on-foot milling machines b-on-foot air and b-on-foot aqua simply with voice commands and adjust their suction and spray technology continuously. You also determine the direction of rotation, switch on or off the light on the handpiece or the milling function with extraction or spray technology. This not only makes hand and foot treatments more hygienic, quicker and more effective – they are also fun and enjoyable!

Alternatively, you can use the multifunctional operation on the touch panel – as easy as you are used to with a smartphone. Even with gloves you can control all functions. Or use one of the four presettings for speed and suction or spray quantity! Best of all, the b-on-foot app also contains operating instructions and videos. Commissioning, use and maintenance can be so easy!