Foot care devices with rechargeable battery: The hand and foot care devices of the b-on-foot brand are controlled via smartphone and app. At the trade fair Beauty Forum on October 30 and 31, 2021 in Munich, Bahner Feinwerktechnik was now the world’s first supplier to present devices with integrated rechargeable batteries. The wireless mobility now opens up even more freedom of treatment.

Who wants to be no longer dependent on sockets and extension cords during care visits in hospitals, wellness hotels or senior residences, finds a solution at b-on-foot – even for care treatments outdoors! Because all b-on-foot foot care devices are now optionally available with built-in rechargeable batteries. The power supply is sufficient for about 30 treatments – then work can be continued with the supplied charger or an additional power bank. With the same demanding performance data, this ensures more freedom of treatment – not only for mobile applications!

Even the basic device b-on-foot mini offers the new main advantage of the innovative b-on-foot product line, wireless mobility through built-in rechargeable battery. In addition, there is modern design in fresh colors and sustainable technology for long life in professional use. b-on-foot mini is ideal for manicures: in an ergonomic handpiece, the b-on-foot micromotor provides maintenance-free and low-wear speeds from 2,500 to 42,000 rpm.

Those who want to offer customers more convenience with powerful suction or spraying technology also benefit from greater mobility: b-on-foot air and b-on-foot aqua optionally also work independently of the power grid. They are supplied with a smartphone as the user interface. This opens up two hygienic operating options: The voice assistant Bonnie listens to commands such as “more suction power” or “more spray,” “higher bur speed” or “light on.” This leaves your hands free for the treatment! Alternatively, all functions are available via the touch control of the included smartphone, even when wearing gloves.

To relax the treated, two built-in speakers play relaxing sounds from your own music or video library on demand. You can create individual playlists, surprise clients with their favorite songs and keep them in a good mood!


b-on-foot mini


b-on-foot air

Fräsgerät mit Absaugtechnik

b-on-foot aqua

Fräsgerät mit Sprühtechnik