The air cleaner b-on-foot UV-C clean air provides virus and bacteria free air in rooms up to 20 sqm highly efficient, quiet and with low energy consumption. Ultra-flat and simple in design, it creates a clean, safe and fresh atmosphere.

Effective and efficient

A HEPA-13 filter system with 6 layers removes fine dust, formaldehyde, germs, viruses and bacteria in the micro range from the room air by ventilation. Irradiation with invisible UV-C light directly destroys the DNA of pathogens. Thus, up to 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses and fungi are reliably eliminated from the room air without chemical pollutants – including the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.
A replaceable filter is sufficient for up to 1500 hours of operation.

Comfortable and unobtrusive

With a depth of only 12 centimeters, sleek design and virtually silent operation, UV-C clean air fits perfectly into any environment. Thanks to automatic detection of air quality by sensors and an automatic shut-off timer, it works imperceptibly in the background. An integrated control panel and remote control make it easy to use.

technical data b-on-foot UV-C clean air

b-on-foot UV-C clean air
air volume 200 m3/hr. (CADR Solid pollutants) – 60 m3/hr. (CADR Gaseous pollutants)
noise level 35 – 48 dB
dimensions 490 x 430 x 127 mm
weight 5,8 kg
filter HEPA 13
filter / lamp life 1.500 hrs. / 15.000 hrs.
accessories remote control, APP control, timer
comments for room sizes from 11 to 20 m2
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b-on-foot - best quality!

b-on-foot products are sustainably manufactured in Germany by our medium-sized family business bahner Feinwerktechnik, using compatible raw materials.

Made in Germany

bahner Feinwerktechnik was certified according to the international quality standard ISO EN DIN 9001 and demonstrably fulfils the highest standards in product development and manufacturing.

ISO 9001 certified

bahner Feinwerktechnik complies with the ISO 13485:2016 standard for the manufacture of medical devices and has been certified accordingly.

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