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Blade N°1
• Finely clean the nail sulcus.
• Cut the spur of the ingrown nail.
• Perform wicking of the fingernail into the sulcus.
• Remove a cor or complete the ablation of a cor, notably the care and elimination of the nucleus.
• Clean the nail sulcus with the side part, like a mini-scalpel.
• Streak the nail to allow the attachment of polymerizable pads for orthonyxies and onychoplasties.

Blade N°2
• Clean wide furrows.
• Dig deeper when the horn decreases.

Blade N°3
• Dig a little deeper inaccessible horn with a blade 4 (horns in hyperkeratosis).
• Allow the cutting o a middle to small wart after using verrucide, including with the help of the side of the blade.
• Open a «crack» heel.

Blade N°6
• Dig / Extend horns in a hyperkeratosis.
• Cut a wart after applying a verrucide.
• Interdigital remove a horn ( «partridge eye»).
• Remove pulp or a dorsal horn of average size.

Blade N°8
• Remove a plantar keratosis low size.
• Remove an interdigital large horn.
• Remove pulp or a dorsal horn of significant size.

– Gouge blades for use in foot care and podiatry
– 20 pcs
– stainless steel
– for single use