We want you to feel comfortable after your purchase. This is our wellness promise. You will receive our equipment safely packed with all accessories. Here you will find detailed operating instructions and videos explaining the setup and use. Read the frequently asked questions and ask us further questions in the chat or by phone in our hotline. We wish you a lot of fun and success with your b-on-foot equipment!

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Operating instructions

Here you can find operating instructions for our products in German, English and Russian.


Here you can find the b-on-foot app for the smartphone in the Google PlayStore and in the Apple Store.

Contact us

Do you have an urgent question that you cannot find in our Q&A section? Here you can chat with us!

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All explanatory videos at a glance:

Each b-on-foot air and b-on-foot aqua comes with an Android smartphone that allows you to control your devices via touch and voice! In this video we show you how to set up and configure your smartphone. We wish you a lot of fun and success with the treatment!

In this short video we show you how touch control and voice control work with the b-on-foot app. So you can operate the b-on-foot devices effortlessly! We wish you a lot of fun and success with your treatment!

In this video we introduce our b-on-foot aqua to you: It combines high milling performance with cooling spray technology. It also includes the Android smartphone, which facilitates your work with voice control and touch operation. Let us inspire you!

Tips and tricks (frequently asked questions / Q&A)

We only use brushed and carbonless motors, as these require less maintenance and run more reliably.

If a defect is reported to us that cannot be repaired by hotline, you will be provided with a replacement unit. Even free of charge during the warranty period.

Our devices are manufactured in Germany and repaired at our locations: Made in Germany!

Worldwide agencies

We are constantly expanding our network of sales and service partners. Is your country among them? Then you are welcome to contact our partner in your respective country if you wish to purchase equipment or take advantage of the service:

Holland and Belgium

Agency: Barefood

Adress: De Boelakkers 21, 5591 RA Heeze


Agency: Beauty Medical Eugeniusz Marek Bakun

Name: Eugeniusz Marek Bakun

Adress: Wincentego Pola 27/1, 81410 Gdynia


Agency: PETREX MC GmbH

Name: Peter Stojanov

Adress: k-s MLADOST 1 a blok 510, 1729 Sofia


Agency: Foot Care Center GmbH

Name: Erika Gering

Adress: Kotka 12, 11315 Tallinn



Name: Andreas Frank

Adress: Rudolf Kaspar-Gasse 30, A-2511 Pfaffstätten


Agency: Fusspflege Zentrum

Name: Bruno Maspoli

Adress: Bahnhofstrasse 28, CH-8307 Effretikon


Agency: Propodo

Name: Konstatin Dreiling

Adress: Prowulok 23 Serpnja 5, kw. 37, 61072 Kharkiv